release your inner sexy

Release Your Inner ‘Sexy’

Throughout history sex has been seen as a taboo, and for females it has been frowned upon to discuss and explore sex. Speaking from my own experiences it made me feel unsure and somewhat embarrassed about opening up and learning about sex. Nowadays sex is every where, it’s impossible to leave your house and not see something associated with sex, whether it’s an ad campaign, or simply a couple on the train displaying a bit too much PDA. So why are we still afraid of sex?

Speaking to many females the issue of knowing too much or not knowing enough repeatedly comes up, “how can he see me as a respectable woman if he feels I am too experienced when we make love…will he judge me? will he then lose interest?”. The answer is NO! Ladies it is now 2014 and this old school connotation of sex is long gone.

If you are a respectable woman dating a respectable man, the last thing he is going to do is think that you’re a whore just because you know how to put it down in the bedroom. Men like to feel that they have an equal partner when it comes to sex, someone with the same-sex drive, curiosity and openness towards sex and if he does feel that you’re a step ahead, he’s going to do all that he can to catch up.

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So ladies if your shy, timid or frigid, its time to release your inner sexy. Firstly, let go of any insecurities associated with sex and just feel comfortable with it, talk about sex with friends, research sex; whether its watching porn or taking a trip to your nearest Ann Summers, get to know the ins and outs of sex starting from the basics.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Get familiar with new innovative positions, different techniques and styles of having sex, this will also help you figure out what you like, and what you want to try out. Remember a little trial and error wont kill you.

Secondly Communicate, find out what he likes so you are able to pleasure your man the best way you know how. Don’t let constructive criticism get you down. It’s very important to find out how good you are when having sex, so asking for feedback shouldn’t be embarrassing or de-motivating. It will help you improve and also let you know what to keep doing, so ladies don’t get all crazy angry by it, he’s only trying to help.

Most importantly, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!!! You know what they say right? Practice makes perfect…..


Ms Erotica

Staytuned for more in-depth ways to help you release your inner sexy….