Sexting – Top tips for sexy pics

I’m a sucker for a beautiful photo. If your oblique game is on 10 I can be putty in your hands. You’ll telepathically hear me drip. However, there are somethings I’ve seen in the sexting game that even I can’t ignore. These are my top tips for smart yet sexy snapping.

Hide your face

Whenever I’ve received a naked photo and his face is included, after I’ve finished imagining all the nasty things I’m going to do to his sexy self, my first after thought is: ”damn does this guy not want to keep his job?”  Trust doesn’t pay the bills, if I lose my phone tomorrow, what happens then?

If you have a job, or want a job that’s not at King of Diamonds, in Meek Mills new video or as an adult porn star. Include your face at your own risk. Google is every recruiters new best friend. No suit nor resume can save you when your potential employer finds a viral HD photo of your naked ass.

Clean the background

You’re built like Miracle Watts or Simeon Panda, so what? Dirty laundry, an unfolded bed and a plate full of chicken bones on your bedside table will ruin that picture.

Flashing lights

Put the light ON, or even better natural day light. Whoever asked you for a photo loves your body the way it is, so don’t try and hide it, you’re beautiful! Light makes everything look better, it bounces off the skin, naturally highlighting and contouring the body in a way that’s so sexy.

Are you proud of it?

This is the most important.

Before I press send I think of it like this. If this pic were to get out. Would my friends be surprised yet impressed? Could PornHub potentially contact me for exclusivity? If the answer to both these questions is a 100% NO. Stop. Think. Retake.

Anything with your name attached, you should be proud of. Sexy pics are like head, you don’t get points for trying, you get points for going in and owning that shit.

These tips may seem basic but we have all seen or even received a picture or two that made us shake our heads. Don’t let ours be one of them.

Tell me about your sexting stories in the comments below, I’m interested :-).


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