Netflix no chill


With the winter months in full force, no one  is more excited than now to stay inside and keep warm. Netflix and chill is your new wing man. Undeniably any one accepting a Netflix and chill invitation knows the deal, but to make it a smooth sailing experience, here are a my top tips.


Unless this Netflix and chill session is with your confirmed boo, opening the door in a full suit, or your boxers may just make you look weird. Netflix and chill is where your sexy casual game has to be utilised. Basic attire, a T-shirt and jeans, even better some nice joggers. Joggers and leggings are not at rigid as jeans so any body contact with these kind of materials just feels better in my opinion.

Film Choice

Unless you have all day and night to waste before getting it in. The sex soundtrack film should have no more than a three star rating. Any more and you risk getting side tracked watching the whole damn movie. That’s a whole two and a half hours that could have been spent banging, wasted. The film is meant to serve as a half hour introduction to the real deal, not a chance to leave an IMDb review.


Dim lighting can change a mood in an instant. I know what your thinking, it’s too obvious. Hear me out, always dim the lights with the caveat of wanting a cinematic feel. That way the decision is rationalised by wanted to heighten the movie experience. Who can argue with that? Anyone who does just makes themselves look like they don’t have self control… which in this case could be a good thing. Plus you won’t look like a complete horny asshole right off the bat. Sometimes this can be the difference between sex and blue balls.


It’s cold, so have the covers on stand by. The covers serve two key purposes, to keep you warm obviously and to hide any shenangins that may begin under there. Wrapped in covers, people tend to get relaxed, cosy, snuggly, cuddly… you see where I’m going with this. Not to mention when people are warm they’re much more open to taking their clothes off.


Just because someone may want to have sex doesn’t mean they want to be jumped on at the front door (unless this has already been agreed). Subtlety sometimes can make all the difference, get cosy with each other, make some soft moves first, a kiss here or there and push the boundaries a little bit at a time, always taking into consideration that while this person may want to have sex, they may be a little nervous or apprehensive so make them feel comfortable and the rest usually follows.

Have you got any Netflix and chill top tips? Any crazy Netflix and chill stories? Let me know in the comments below.


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        Thanks for asking..

        cheers chris


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