Ashley Madison – The Relationship Murderer

Holy sh!t. Those were the first two words that came out of my mouth when the Ashley Madison scandal hit. I’m not even a member and I was nervous, so I know those that are a bit more riskay with thier online escapades were scared as hell.

I’m not going to lie, I checked the link for my friends, ex boyfriends, my dad, you name it. I was just being nosey, and while I haven’t found anyone (yet), it dawned on me that the internet has officially replaced real life. Back in the day, if you wanted to cheat you’d have to get your ass to a bar, or atleast the supermarket to meet someone new FACE TO FACE. Now all you have to do is get online. I’m more scared of a boyfriend being on the computer for too long than actually going out with his friends, because the world is literally at your finger tips when you’re at the keyboard.

While I don’t agree with violating people’s privacy, this whole leaked database this has forced people to have the tough conversations with their spouses they had been avoiding for years. Hell yeah I’d be devastated if I had lover among the exposed, but would I rather have lived in ignorance for 20 more years? Posting pictures with him on Instagram thinking my pussy has him on lockdown? No way.

So for anyone who has found out their partner is on that list, my heart goes out to you, it really does. If you want to vent to someone who doesn’t know who you are and won’t leak your email address, click the Contact Us page and send us a message.
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    1. I thought that too for minute but then I thought would they really purposely ruin lives just for business? Well then again business is business… I guess we’ll wait and see Violet!


  1. This will all “blow” over. By turkey time, it will be a faded memory and there’s sure to be new pop up sites for getting your sex on.

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