What About My Orgasm?

Times have changed and woman are taking back their power. No more laying there while this dude pumps it up Joe Budden style, orgasms and goes to sleep. Hell no, I better orgasm too, and we are not finished here until I do. Do it with your mouth, your hands, your feet I don’t care but there’s no way I’m getting cut short. If you just wanted a hole, you should have ordered a Fleshlight. 

I used to be a simple girl, ‘so long as he nuts I’m ok, I enjoy pleasing him’ F*CK THAT. You better put your mouth where your dick was and get to work dude. No more Mrs Nice Girl.

If someone told me I could get a pair of designer heels for free or I could pay, I would take those free shoes and run like the wind. So you can’t be surprised if someone does the same thing to you sexually if you let it happen. Hold everyone accountable, Tell that man to PAY UP.

Have you ever experienced someone not caring about your needs? Talk to me in the comments.



  1. Personally I gain much more pleasure out of seeing my partner pleasured than I do out of my own. Knowing you are GIVING her that gift of pleasure. Hearing and seeing her pleasure is far better than receiving.

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  2. It’s 2015 and the selfish-male-lover is a cliché. We’ve had pornography as much female-centric as male-centric for decades now, and that’s where most men learn how to do things. I’m not saying it’s all the best example, but men pick up a lot of useful things from it.

    Playboy was the trend-setter for this, and when porn films became commonly available (first in cinemas and then in home video), things really took off. So I’m afraid the men who don’t know how to get women off are a minority nowadays. All the men I know love to go down on women, to finger women, to lick their assholes to climax (if the women are susceptible to that), etc. Even Lyndon B. Johnson in the 60’s famously complained about pantyhose – he apparently loved finger-fucking. This is an originally American attitude as well. For all the puritans there are many more good, old-fashioned American perverts and hound-dogs.

    An American woman knows immediately if a guy is selfish in bed, which again, is the minority. It’s her fault if she keeps giving him chances, putting other desires above her sexual fulfillment. There’s no excuse for that, and with such a man, a woman has to be more dominant, a sexual mentor. If he still can’t get it done, fuck him. Move on. Every woman has a lot of choice.

    In my experience, most women are the opposite of most men, particularly in oral and anal stimulation. For me, orgasm by prostate stimulation is a unicorn, a mythical creature I’ve never seen. And I understand most women have a gag reflex, but even so a little knowledge about the cock goes a long way to make up for the lack of deep-throating. If your lips can’t reach to the base of the cock (and that’s the stimulation which makes a guy cum), pretend it’s a pool stick and hold, and massage, it the correct way during a bj.

    If anything, since so fewer women enjoy pornography, they know far less about men than vice versa, generally.

    Another tip: most men need to cum once or twice, in a session, to take the edge off, otherwise his mate isn’t going to get the good pounding she really loves. And so, take the edge off, girls. You can cum a hundred times, we only get two or three shots realistically, and once we put our dongs in your sweet, sweet cunts the first time in a session, it’s over. Alcohol and drugs help though. That must be why they’re so popular.

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    1. By the way, proper pacing and teasing are the crucial elements to a lot of great sex, for both men and women. What’s fair for the gander is fair for the goose.

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    2. Scotty i think you should be a writer on this kinda stuff! start a blog, you know a lot of history and have some good points here :-). I’d follow you.

      But I do see where you are coming from, a lot of women don’t watch enough porn even for educational purposes if not for pleasure. why do you think that is?


      1. I can generally agree on the porn note. However, there are two sides to that coin. On the one hand, it can help a woman or a man develop sexual technique. It can be an endless supply of ideas so that your bag of tricks is never empty. And, obviously, it’s fun to watch and can be a primer for getting down to business. But one has to remember that these people are actors. Some of the orgasms are real and many are feigned for a paycheck. Real, good sex and porn sex are often two very different things. One also has to have the patience and give-a-damn to grow beyond porn 101 and develop some, shall we say, Tantric awareness of the individual they happen to be fucking at any particular point in time. What do women want? As the infamous Mel Gibson once said, “there are as many answers to that question as there are women”. You have to take the time to get to know your partner. He/she has to communicate their needs and wants, and you must then listen and tune in to him or her in order to accommodate. Many people simply don’t have the patience for this, which is why their porn-centric perspective only gets them so far. They only know how to jackhammer. No finesse, no intuition, no skill, no semen-retention, no 7-9 stroke, etcetera.

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  3. Neither men nor women come with instruction manuals and we all react differently to different stimuli. It takes a strong man to be vulnerable and if he isn’t willing and able to accept instructions from his partner then he is the wrong “man.” On the other hand, if she lacks enough self-esteem to offer these instructions, then she is the wrong “woman.” Both partners have to be open and direct each other.


    1. Thats true, direct and open, but that sounds like something people in love would do just fine. What about the folks just hooking up? Everyone for themselves then?


  4. I never had an orgasm before I met my now ex, 7 years ago. Unfortunately, one of the reasons why we had to break up was because we were not sexually compatible. While we tried a lot of new things with each other, he always turned me down for sex when I asked. He wasn’t selfish in the sense that he couldn’t make me climax, but he was selfish in the sense that we only had sex when he was “in the mood” and never when I was. Additionally, it made me feel as if there were something wrong with me because I wanted sex at least two or three times as often as he did. It’s weird, because I love him…I always loved him, since the moment I met him…but it doesn’t work out if two people are not sexually compatible.


      1. You are definitely not wrong. There is a ton of emotion there, because I love him so incredibly much…I don’t think I could love anyone in this world, as much as I love him…not even myself, and at the same time I know that I will be miserable in a relationship in which my sexual desires are never satisfied. I’m constantly torn between my love for him and my insatiable hunger for sex. That’s why I’d fight with him so much, because I’m so fucking horny all the time. There’s a little too much truth to the idea that someone might be uptight because they just “need to get laid”.


        1. Wow I’m jealous, never loved anyone the way you’ve described. I’d love to one day though. Have you asked him why he doesn’t want sex that much? This love seems deep, wouldnt want u to lose that..


          1. It’s both the best and worst kind of love there is. The best, because we can’t stop loving each other no matter what happens between us. The worst, for the same exact reason. I think the reason we love each other so much is just because we understand each other so well. There’s no way to be closer to someone than understanding them and knowing that they understand you equally as much. I did ask him why he didn’t want to sleep with me as much as I wanted to sleep with him. Aside from some recent weight gain, in the past 4 years (which is being taken care of now), we’ve had some communication issues since the beginning. I’m working on all of that, now, just hoping that I can work things out. Unfortunately, he’s a bit more sexually conservative than I am, so that also plays a role in everything. I sometimes wonder if he’ll ever be able to fully let go with me, or not. Either way, it’s love. I often contemplate simply dealing with the dissatisfaction of wanting sex all the time, just to be with him. I’m just figuring it out, for now, though. In the meantime, I’m still horny.


          2. Haha, understandably of ofcourse. It interesting you say he finds it hard to let go, i wonder whats holding him back? I hope u guys work out though, maybe u could blog about your journey. Way to let of frustrations n all that.


          3. I think he has hangups about sex because he was raised by a very conservative, Christian mother, who made him feel guilty about normal sexual desires. I was raised in the same environment, but I think that I dealt with it differently…I became the epitome of the wild child persona that is the Preacher’s Daughter. I do hope that we can work it out too. Thank you. I am blogging about my life, currently, which involves the ups and downs of my relationship with my ex. You’re welcome to follow along, if you want. 🙂


  5. Take away all the other crap! Just enjoy being sexual, having sex as a pleasure, not a chore. That’s a whole new world for him and her. Porn is great if it gives you techniques or revives the juices. Women have long cheated themselves, convinced it wasn’t necessary. Surprisingly, the majority (women) are multi orgasmic. It’s a door every woman should explore, no regrets when satisfying your sexual desires.

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